March 28, 2024
Vote with NFT! Illuminate SSFF & ASIA 2024 Movie Contest

ILLUMINATE Film Festival! Your short clip might have a chance to be screened at the International Short Film Festival Ceremony!

Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia (SSFF & ASIA), one of Asia's largest qualifying international short film festivals for the Annual Academy Awards, is calling for promotional videos inspired by the 26th festival theme "Illuminate Your Life".
Voting rights for the contest will be distributed to the general public in LIFE LOG BOX, a visual image management platform launched together with last year’s SSFF & ASIA, to accept votes from creators and audiences.
The short clip that receives the most votes and is selected by the festival committee will be screened at SSFF & ASIA 2024 ceremony in June.

[ Short Clip’s Theme ]

The theme is "Illuminate Your Life", which can be expressed by using the Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2024 logo downloaded from the website below.

This year began with news of ongoing conflicts and disasters. SSFF & ASIA will present films that illuminate "life," "living" and the "world" that surrounds them under the theme "Illuminate Your Life." We hope these films will shine a light on the lives of viewers, creating a place where empathy, discovery, and emotion are ignited, and an opportunity to open one's eyes to the world.
Please refer to the following website.

SSFF & ASIA 2024 Website:

The best short clip will be screened at the SSFF & ASIA 2024 ceremony in June 2024, and may also be screened and distributed in Japan for one year after the festival ends at screening events, online events, etc. with the name "Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia" in the festival's name.

*Sample (Any format is acceptable (live action, animation, CG, etc.))
SSFF & ASIA 2023 UNLOCK Movie Contest Best Movie Award
Animation & Director: Fuka Miyajima

[ Video Requirements ]

- The length of the short clip must be 20 seconds or less.
- Year of production: any year
- Format: MOV or MP4
- Frame: 1920 x 1080 recommended
- Aspect Ratio: 16:9
- Video codec: ProRes 422 / h.264
- Audio codec: PCM / AAC

[ Application Requirements ]

★Please perform the following tasks from ① to ④ on LIFE LOG BOX:

① Create an account on LIFE LOG BOX.
If you don't have an account, click 'here' at

② Select 'Manage Videos' ( and click 'Create New'.
Upload your submission with the title “#illuminatessff”.

③When the upload is complete, the video will appear in the collection management 'My Drive.' Click 'Edit' for the submission video, and then click 'Publish' at the top and bottom of the screen. This will display the option to 'Make the video Public View,' so please press 'Yes.' Please fill in the required fields (marked with a red asterisk). In the Facebook, Instagram, or X (formerly Twitter) section, please enter the URL posted in step ⑤.
Select 'Next' at the top and bottom of the screen, and confirm the content.
*Note: 'No Language' can also be selected.

④ Click on the 👤 icon at the top right corner and select 'Setting'. Make sure to fill in your profile picture and user information such as name, country, gender, and birthdate. Once registered, this information will be publicly visible to other users within LIFE LOG BOX. If there is any information you do not wish to disclose, please contact us below. Additionally, if you provide your social media accounts or the website of the applicant, the Short Shorts Committee may use them for promotional purposes.
※ If you created your account using a wallet, please also provide your email address.
Click on 'Portfolio' on the left-hand menu of LIFE LOG BOX and provide the URL that appears in the form above.

⑤The applicant must post his/her work on X, Instagram, or TikTok, and follow the following accounts and mention them in the postings. They must also post with “#illuminatessff”.
Instagram:@ssff.official URL:
TikTok:@ssff.official URL:
Include the URL of your submission in the application form.
Please enter the posted URL in the entry form and the corresponding SNS section of the work editing screen in step ③'s LIFE LOG BOX.

⑥Please fill out the application form below and send it to us.

[ Selection Process ]

The short clip will be selected on the voting* page on the LIFE LOG BOX in conjunction with SSFF & ASIA 2024 and by the judging by the festival committee. * Voting is open to those who have received an NFT with voting rights at the LIFE LOG BOX.
* The creators' portfolios will be created on LIFE LOG BOX based on the submitted information, and the creators will be introduced on LIFE LOG BOX.
Entries will be posted on LIFE LOG BOX as well as on SNS where you can post your own entries.
* After the voting period, you can also submit your work as an NFT in the marketplace of LIFE LOG BOX from your portfolio. You can freely set the amount of your work to be exhibited and earn profit from sales and secondary sales. Please contact us for further details.

[ Copyrights and secondary use rights ]

- All copyrights belong to the applicant. However, the applicant promises not to exercise moral rights against the festival committee, Pacific Voice, Inc. and its affiliated companies (hereinafter collectively referred to as the "Organizers"), or any third party authorized by the Organizers.
- The entrant grants to the Organizers a free and exclusive license to use (and to allow third parties to use secondarily) the submitted work for any and all purposes, including, but not limited to, posting on the Internet, reproduction, overseas translation, adaptation, distribution, distribution, screening, broadcast, and any other use, for any period of time and in any geographic area.
- The Organizers may use the submitted works (including the title, synopsis, full text of the work, and author's name) on websites, social networking services, magazines, broadcasts, and printed materials operated by the Organizers or third parties authorized by the Organizers.
- The Organizers reserve the right to edit the submitted works to the extent necessary.
- The Organizers will not be held responsible for any accidents or other problems that may occur in the production of submitted works.
- The Organizers reserves the right to exclude entries that it deems to contain falsehoods or irregularities even after the selection process.

[ Application period ]

March 28, 2024 (Thursday) 2:00PM JST - May 7, 2024 (Tuesday) 24:00 JST

[ Voting Period ]

May 15, 2024 (Wednesday) , 2:00PM JST- May 28, 2024 (Tuesday) 24:00 JST

[ Registration Fee ]

Free of charge

[ Prize ]

Best Short Clip Award: 100,000 yen

* Prize names and prize money are subject to change and there may be no applicable entries.

[ Notification of Selection Results ]

The results of the selection will be announced at a ceremony at SSFF & ASIA 2024. Voting results will also be announced on the voting page.

[ Caution ]

- If you wish to submit two or more films at the same time, please submit each film on its own entry form.
- If your film is selected as one of the outstanding films, you will be required to submit Apple ProRes data as screening material, as well as other materials necessary for the screening and festival promotion.
- Prize names and amounts are subject to change.