Keep your content safe with permanent data storage. This service maximizes the value of your content and creators by allowing you to compile portfolios and earn new work and revenue in the Marketplace.

What can you do with LIFE LOG BOX?

Asset Management - Using IPFS technology, this distributed data storage system is designed for permanent storage, ensuring that important content is not lost in the event of an emergency.

Portfolio - Creator introductions and works can be posted. Enter film festivals, sell contents, and connect with companies for project matching, etc.

Marketplace - Using blockchain technology, create a system to return profits to creators by converting content, authenticating authenticity and clarifying ownership.

Are you having problems with these things?

– High-quality video data takes up significant space. A large amount of master footage was stored on a hard disk as a backup; however, the hard disk eventually stopped booting, making data retrieval impossible.
– Securing storage space for the numerous films and master tapes was quite difficult, and when they were stored separately, it became unclear where they had been stored when it was time to use them.
– Even though we take notes for each filmed scene to keep track, as years go by, it becomes difficult to understand what kind of scene it was just by looking at those notes.
– In everyday life, a large amount of content, such as travel photos, delicious meals, children, grandchildren, girlfriends, boyfriends, and selfies, accumulates on our smartphones. However, we rarely look back at older content.
– Uploading content to cloud storage as a backup, the storage capacity keeps expanding, and consequently, the usage fees continue to increase. Although cloud storage can only be used for storing content, if there were a monetization mechanism in place, it would be easier to continue using it…
– I tried to create a website to showcase my work, provide the latest information, and secure new projects, but the difficulty level is high, and I can’t create it as I want. Having a high-quality website made by someone else is costly, so I end up not doing anything about it.
– Thinking that social media would make it easier to share information, I posted updates about my recent activities and showcased my work to secure new projects. However, I didn’t have enough content to post every day, and I hardly update it anymore.
– My work consists of creations in multiple genres, such as not only videos but also photos, scripts, and music. Since I don’t know of any service that can handle all of these together, I end up using multiple services and providing them separately.
– I have unused content from my shoots, as well as content and ideas that I’m willing to let go. I wonder if they could be used to raise funds for creating new projects…

Our Service

*There are descriptions of some functions that have not been implemented yet.

Data Asset Management

We securely store your content in a persistent data storage.

Our service is based on a completely different concept from other cloud storage services. Not only does our storage service provide a place for your content, but it also allows for promotion and sales. Furthermore, we are a global company that operates the largest short film festival in Asia, accredited by the US Academy Awards, and unique to Japan. This allows you to increase the value of your content by submitting it to our film festival.
Of course, you are also welcome to simply store your content with us. We offer a persistent, distributed data storage solution using IPFS technology, ensuring that your precious content is never lost. With the ability to store your content indefinitely, it may gain value as a historical record and valuable heritage in the future, perhaps 100 years from now.


Simply select content from your stored storage.
Let's distribute your work all over the world.

You can easily create a portfolio by selecting your content from our storage.
Users or companies who see your portfolio may contact you to purchase your content or offer you new projects.
You may also receive collaboration offers from other creators.
While we currently handle only video content, we plan to expand our service to include a wide range of content such as photos, scripts, music, lyrics, lighting techniques, acting theory, and more.
Our service will continue to grow as a platform for showcasing your talent to the world.

Global Cinema Marketplace

A marketplace that has introduced a system where creators receive a share of the profits every time their work is bought and sold.

When someone around the world finds value in your content and purchases it, you will naturally earn the profits from that sale.
However, after that, each time the user who bought your content sells it to another user, a portion of the sales will be returned to you as the original rights holder.
Even with content sold in the past, the more it circulates in the market, the more a portion of the sales will be returned to you. This can become a sustainable and new source of income for creators.
Furthermore, not only can you sell ownership rights to your content, but you can also sell various rights such as viewing rights and secondary usage rights. This means that business opportunities are likely to expand.

Step by Step

There are four major steps required to use the service.

Account Sign-Up

First, create an account. Register your account using a wallet or email address. However, please note that in order to earn revenue, you will need to create a wallet.

Create a profile

Please register your profile information, such as your background and activities. By providing detailed information, your portfolio will be enriched, making it easier for other users to find you through searches and listings.

Upload Contents

Please upload your content. You can use it for storage purposes, to enter a film festival, to display in your portfolio, or even to sell the content. Furthermore, by adding detailed information about the content, your portfolio will be enriched, making it easier for other users to find your content through searches and listings.

The rest is up to you!

Not only can you use it as storage for your content, but you can also enter it in film festivals to win awards, publish your portfolio for promotion, and sell your content on marketplaces to generate revenue. As more and more services are implemented in the future, you will likely find a use that fits your needs.


We would like to introduce the new content purchased on LIFE LOG BOX and ShortShorts Online Cinema Market. Let’s share your work in LIFE LOG BOX!

SSFF & ASIA has launched an online market for the first time, connecting the works of filmmakers at the festival with distributors, online platforms, broadcasters and film festivals, and create business opportunities for both parties.

ILLUMINATE Film Festival! Your short clip might have a chance to be screened at the International Short Film Festival Ceremony!

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Visual Voice Inc. develops a comprehensive short film brand, SHORTSHORTS. It’s film festival, “Short Shorts Film Festival & ASIA” (SSFF & ASIA) held since 1999, is accredited by the Academy Awards® and is one of the largest international short film festival in ASIA. SHORTSHORTS leads the film culture through various means such as its screening events, film distribution, production and collaboration work with companies and administrative offices. The arrival of the new 5G era allows communication with greater data capacity. This means that people are able to enjoy high-quality video content and movies on their mobile devises such as smartphones. On the other hand, realistic film experiences, beyond the idea of a cinema, is increasingly emphasised. While supporting young creators through various activities and events, SHORTSHORTS broadens the field of short films.

Short Shorts Film Festival & ASIA

In 1999, actor Tetsuya Bessho, member of the Screen Actors Guild of America (SAG), has worked to introduce the then new genre, "short films," which he first encountered in the United States, to film fans in Japan as the American Short Shorts Film Festival. In 2001, the festival was renamed the Short Shorts Film Festival. In 2004, SSFF was recognized as an Academy Award® accredited film festival. In the same year, with the aim of promoting new visual culture from ASIA and nurturing up-and-coming young filmmakers, the Short Shorts Film Festival ASIA (SSFF ASIA, co-sponsored by Tokyo Metropolitan Government) was established and the festival is now known collectively as SSFF & ASIA. To commemorate the festival's 20th anniversary in 2018, the Grand Prix film was named the "George Lucas Award" in honor of director George Lucas. In January 2019, the Short Shorts Film Festival in Hollywood was held to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the festival. Beginning with the 2019 festival, in addition to the Official Competitions (International, ASIA International, and Japan), the Non-Fiction Competition and this year, the Animation Competition Best Short Award winners have also become eligible for nomination at the Academy Awards the following year. SSFF & ASIA will continue to support young creators through the festival.

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